Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sore fingers, swimming pools and watching out for KISS


Wednesday morning we headed back to the Turtle boulder and I tried Spring Board again. It was definitely a lot harder than I anticipated due to my poor foot work. I will have to return another time for a send!

Turtle boulder, Cherry Garcia V2/3
Turtle Boulder

Dave was working on a few problems on the back of the Turtle boulder including Monkey Wrench V7
and Cherry Garcia V2/3.
Climbing a fun V1/2, Heart and Sole left.

Some fancy foot work

After a short 3 hour detour there, we headed back to the Kraft boulders to try a few things. Dave did Heart and Sole, V5 and Sarah sent Sorange V3 after conquering her fear of heights and topping out. It was EPIC.  Dave sent a V5 called Heart and Sole. Unfortunately, it was a high gravity day for me and I wasn't able to get any problems.
Sorange V3
Heart and Sole V5

We headed back in the early afternoon for some quick pool time and headed to see Penn and Teller at the was Rio-l good! They are amazing at what they do! I highly recommend going to see them next time you are in Vegas!


We woke up feeling quite sluggish and spent.  This was our only day sport climbing. We headed to the Wake Up wall at the Third Pullout with Sarah, Jeff and Kory. My warm-up was a Mic's Master, 10d onsight on top rope. It feels good to finally be able to climb harder routes! Afterwards, I worked on a similar 11a, Just Shut up and Climb right beside it.  Dave meanwhile was climbing some crimpy Native Son, 11c and Good Mourning, 11b. He even hopped on a 12a called pain check.  It was a short day, but I am definitely seeing progress in my climbing. My training is starting to pay off!

Dave on a 12a. I can't remember the name.

Soaking up the sun on the crash pad Dave brought along with us.

Dave brought the crashpad and the ladies lounged on it all day in the sun.  We headed back to the hotel and napped before heading to  dinner at a Jamaican restaurant called DW Bistro. The bistro was seriously delicious! We found out about it from Sarah's rad guide she hired to go up Cat and the Hat. After dinner we headed over to Fremont Street to see the light show. We ended up getting a little sidetracked and got quite sketched out about the area.  The light show was pretty intense. We had no idea what to expect with content and we were quite surprised to see a show about Bon Jovi, and then one about March Madness. It was mostly big disappointment on the part of the people who are supposed to provide interesting content to utilize this amazing concave screen. Rather than providing some creative visuals to engage and entertain vistors, it essentially acted as a windows 95 screen saver...which I guess isn't so bad if you are a child or completely hammered. As we were leaving the parking lot four people dressed up as Kiss were walking to their car in the parkade. Bizarre. Dave "oh, watch out Scott there's a car" Scott- "okay" Dave- "Oh, and watch out for the members of KISS". I suppose it's just a regular Las Vegas conversation.


We went for a hike to Calico Tanks in Red Rocks. In the guidebook it said it was an impressive 120 feet across and 60 feet deep. I'm sure that's true during the 'rainy' season but we had a completely different experience! The hike itself was fairly straight forward, nicely developed and a totally different environment that your typical Canadian Hike.
Calico Tanks

It was by far the hottest day of the week, so instead of doing another hike, we decided to head back to the hotel for one last hurrah in the pool!  Dave and Jeff had a ton of fun throwing rocks into the pool and retrieving them.   It was a whopping 301 Kelvin so I just sat in a lawn chair and sun bathed.

On our way to Calico Tanks

Overall, Dave and I had a fantastic trip. It felt so good to forget about schedules, work, marking etc.  This was also the first time we got to be together during Spring Break since I started working.  Can't wait to see what else we'll be getting up to this year!

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