Sunday, April 7, 2013

More than just one awesome day.

This post is going to be more of a logistic update more than anything.  So Michelle and I are taking off to New Zealand in August which seems like a ways away, but before you know it, it will be here.  However there are plenty of things to look forward to before New Zealand.

I'll be done my contract with my job on May 24th, which is kind of bitter sweet. I was stoked to nail a health promotion job that paid well right after finishing my practicum, but it is a job were I only work 3 days a week and I have to share a cramped office with no windows and sometimes the work can be extremely vague. How does one actually promote health and change the lives of children in 5 months?

After the job is done I'll be heading up to Calgary to live with Michelle for 2 months before we head out. I'm considering getting a job at MEC but I don't know if they will be cool to take on an employee for only 2 months... or really who's gonna hire for 2 months? and I'm not too keen on lying only to ditch a few months in, especially to an organization I respect. It will be interesting but I'm going to do my best to be productive and find something to earn some cash before we jet.

At the start of August Michelle and I are going to be driving out to the Okanagan to visit my parents, rock climb, drink wine, hang out at the beach, and eat local fruit. It's gonna be awesome. I love the Okanagan, it's hands down the best place in Canada. I know that's a bold statement but nothing beats the overall quality of life, landscape, access to recreational activities, super nice people and overall vibe. I'm yet to go anywhere in Canada that has even compared. After that we are going to head out to Vancouver to visit friends and go climbing in Squamish. This alone would make for a super bad ass summer vacation but the thing that tops this, is we will then head over to the Vancouver Airport and fly out to Honolulu on our way to New Zealand.

In Honolulu we will be having a 26 hour lay over, which is enough time to do what you might ask? Michelle and I have booked a cheap ass hotel (don't worry it's still legit) and a full day guided kayak tour and lunch. It's gonna be amazing. Beautiful warm weather, clear water, fish, turtles, white sandy beaches.... Beats the hell out of sitting on a plane for 16 straight hours. I think anyone that plans on flying to Australia or New Zealand should do this. It's would be kind of a shame if we didn't have a chance to have this one awesome day.

After our 26 hours of awesomeness we will be back on the plane and headed to Auckland.

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