Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Driven to climb.

Well we made the epic drive once again. We left Lethbridge around 6:45pm on Friday and arrived in Vegas at 1:00pm Saturday. Driving through the night wasn’t all that bad for me as I intentionally slept in on Friday to hopefully persuade my body to stay up longer than usual.

I drove the first block of the trip from Lethbridge through all of Montana into to Idaho Falls where I switched with Jeff. Jeff drove almost all of Utah and it was far more challenging due to the super wet snow storm we hit in the Salt Lake region at 7am. After that I took the wheel and drove for a bit more untill we needed to fill up and Michelle took the wheel, and with one final stop in Mesquete Kory drove us into Vegas and to our awesome condo rental.

Oh Mercuh....

The quintessential Salt Lake City snow storm. 

Just in case you forgot your leather vest the gas stations here have you covered.

A Canadian car and the typical Vegas car.

This place is sick. It far surpasses any motel/hotel i’ve ever vistited. Large spacious rooms, with utnsils, blender, toaster, stove, oven, microwave and full fridge and freezer. It feels more like a ritzy time share. It also has a nice little adult pool, a kids pool with a water fall, hot tub, bbq’s, games room and probably more.

After minimal sleep on the drive down ( less than a half hour)  I’m now more than ever ready to call it a day... or rather two days.

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