Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First day out in the sun and sandstone.

Slept like a boss, 8pm to 8am. Had a really groggy breakfast, hashbrowns, eggs, coffee and michelle insisted we have our yogurt and granola in a wine glass...women eh. Through the pads in my dirty car and took off to the red springs. The parking lot was moderately busy and we oppeted for the trail rather than the boardwalk.

First stop was at the turtle boulder where michelle worked on spring board v3 which is probably one of the funnest problems I’ve done. I had already done it on previous trips so I was focused on providing lots of beta, spotting and psych. She worked all the moves but couldn’t work the feet out. We moved over the the 20 degree boulder where I tried a v5 dyno but couldn’t stick the lip after 5+ tries so we moved over to st.louis v4 and a really fun v0.

After that Michelle needed to pee so we went back down to the outhouse and then walked over to the tsunami boulder. It was probably one of the coolest boulders I’ve seen. It was the perfect height, great climbing angles and an amazing variety of difficulty. Featuring about 6 problems ranging from v2-v10. I saw the V10 and I want to have a go at it. The angle was awesome. Probably 35 degres overhung and a stand start dyno to two really good holds to the top out. I though I stood a fighting chance, but when it came time to pull off the ground I understood the v10ness of the problem. It as crimpy pinch complex with both hands essentially on top of one another and it was hard enough to get off the ground, let alone jump to another hold.

We moved over to a borderline high ball v4 which was far too crimpy for me so we worked on a really nice v3. I did the stand start v2 second go, and did the v3 sit start first go. It was really fun because the trickyier moves were down low and by the time you were really high up the holds were fairly solid and obvious. 
We saw a really cool lizard at this boulder. He was way bigger than any of the smaller lizards I had seen previously at red rocks. The sun was starting to suck the energy out of us and michelle was starting to burn so we headed back to our resort and hopped in the pool. I splashed michelle in the face with water and gained a new personal best for swimming whilst being completly submerged. After that we had a communal taco dinner with Scott and Sarah down by the pool which was amazing. Good convo, great good, amazing setting, I don’t miss Lethbridge at all. After that we had a hot tub and discussed the top 3 places we would live if we had a 2 year contract, for both the USA and Canada. We were in there for probably a good 45 min and I was wrinkled to the nines. Headed back to the room and hit the hay. I gotta drive Kory and Jeff to go get there rental car tomorrow before we go climbing. PEACE. 

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