Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kraft Boulders Day 2

Today we went to the Kraft Boulders.  It was another beautiful day with some wispy clouds in the air.  We started on the warm-up boulders and got the blood flowing on a few v0’s.  We went to climb Picante Sauce, which felt like doing a bouldering problem in the gym. Fantastic movement on good jugs and a fairly easy top out.  Sarah conquered her first boulder here! 
Sarah crushing Picante Sauce, v1
Me flashing Picante Sauce v1 

Afterwards, we moved a few meters up the path and Dave flashed a v6 on his second and third try. It was a problem made for him, beefy moves on a slopey arrete.  After his third try he almost stepped on a tortoise!! We all scrambled over to admire it and quickly realized he was mid-lunch before we came along and put him in survival mode.  We did get to see him saunter away after we went back to our climbing. According to the Red Rocks Conservation Center, it is extremely rare to see a wild tortoise. Swicked!

Dave crushing!

Some v6 action

Wild Tortoise!
 The Pearl was next on our list.  Sarah and I tried a v4, but it was just too crimpy.  We moved over around the corner into the shade and crushed a few v0’s and v1’s while day worked on Jenna’s Jewelery, a one move dyno v4 problem.  

Dave on Jenna's Jewellery, v4
We headed over to My Tan to try a v2, which Sarah and I onsighted. We went around the corner and tried another problem.  I decided to try a sit start variation and soon discovered it was not in the guidebook. It had some cool slopers, pinches and a heel hook.  Dave thinks its v4 territory, and I believe him! It was tough. I didn't manage to connect the sit start to the start of the v1, but it was tons of fun!
Sarah on a v2

Me trying a sit start variation of a v1, it was not in the guidebook.
We headed back early in the afternoon to go play in the pool. We did handstands, somersaults, underwater hold your breath contest.  The works really. The joke was we didn’t belong in the adult pool. :)

For dinner, Sarah, Scott, Dave and I teamed up again for a bbq’ed steak dinner, with baked sweet and regular potatoes, asparagus and mac and cheese. We also go to meet Scott’s sister and brother-in-law, Lindsay and Sean.  Delicious dinner! We did forget about dessert, so we’ll have to remember that for next time!

P.S. At the local grocery store here, you can make your own six-pack and choose from many a beer.  Dave and I have definitely taken advantage of that.  I’m also a big fan of sweet tea, which is sold in abundance here!

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