Sunday, March 17, 2013

People still blog? My ethos.

Yo, so I know what you're thinking a BLOG... Snore... Everyone has tried to get a blog off the ground at some point but it can be tricky to capture peoples attention in this day in age of disposable social media, memes, viral videos and so on. This blog is gonna be off the chain like Ja Rule in the early 2000s! Hopefully full of great photos, videos, and perhaps the odd bit of insight and analysis into interesting and possibly controversial topics. Just as a heads up too, grammar and spelling aren't exactly my forté and I place greater priority on entertainment, expression and free flowing thought into this thang. I'm also going to break my writing into small paragraphs to make it easier to follow. No one wants to slog through massive blocks of text.

T-minus 5 days till RED ROCKS. Rolling down with Kory and Jeff on the 18 hr drive and staying at some condo with a hot tub and kitchen. Totally off my radar as far as a climbing trip is concerned but I suppose this is the life that grown ups have (of which I do not include myself). I honestly still feel like a teenager 80% of the time.

I'm feeling pretty good, pretty strong and mentality committed to throw down on the rock. Crimp strength is through the roof son! Michelle is also operating a level I've never seen. She is giving me a serious run for my money at the climbing gym and I feel like this trip will take her game to the next level.

I'm also going to do my best to document the trip via video and photos so be prepared for amazingness. I've recently invested in some new gear that will hopefully give me a new edge.

That's all for now. PEACE.

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