Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lake Minnewanka

I went on my first backcountry country trip this weekend with some friends around Lake Minnewanka. Since Dave, the one who always carries the DSLR, had my little point and shoot, I decided to solely use my iPhone! I purchased an alloclip for my phone and KaBlam! I was ready to go.

The alloclip comes with a fish-eye, macro and wide angle lens. 

The hike to our campsite was 9km from the parking lot. It follows the shore of the lake most of the way there. The beginning of the trail was peppered with tourists, trail runners and mountain bikers. Everyone was, of course,very polite about sharing the trail.

Wide Angle Shot

Wide angle lens and stitched together with a fancy iPhone app. 

Our fantastic group! 
Steve - coordinator, bar tender, unofficial spirit leader, tour guide and navigator
Jenn - bringer of wine (very important job!!!), photographer/historian/ship's log
Jeanne and Marthe - lovely ladies from 
France and absolute troopers on their first camping trip!

Kory - anti-spirit leader and my loyal bathroom buddy (also very important job!) 

I was the sun dancer. No one ever saw me dance... Wasn't sure they could handle it. 

I love the fish eye lens!! 

Overall, a fairly easy trip (when you avoid the's a 10 km side trip from lm9 camp site) and great for first time back country travellers! Note: bring a small hatchet for your back-country fire! Only use dead fall, leave the living trees alone! Or just have your friends haul in fire logs by sneaking them into their packs... That works too.

Remember: The best camera is the one you have with you! 

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