Friday, January 24, 2014

Fishing at Bay of Many Coves

Dave and I have been working at the resort for almost two months now. Boy, did that pass by quickly! During that time we have worked our butts off but also found time to enjoy life. Amy, a former staff and kiwi, was nice enough to leave her fishing rod behind for us to use.  She also sent us some frozen squid for bait, and a few other tools we would need for Christmas.  What a sweetie pie! 

Dave and I finally found time to go fishing and caught a whole shack of fish! I started by catching two Spotties on my first two casts. These we used for bait, because they are too bony to eat. As you can see, I was not too stoked on killing them, but it had to be done! 

After a few more tries I caught a small King fish, but released it because it was too small. They are supposed to be a whopping 75 cm before you can fry them up! 

Dave gave it a few tries afterwards and caught two blue cod! These were up to size so we quickly killed and filleted them.  

We brought them back, battered them up and fried them. 

Then gobbled them up really fast!! I love New Zealand!! And I love my kiwi life!

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