Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adventures in Leaving Canada

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Leaving Calgary on Friday was really when it hit me. I won't be back for a year. I won't see my family or friends. 
I won't have steady income. Nothing will be familiar.  On our way to Summerland Dave and I always joke about stopping at the Enchanted Forest, ongoing to everyone's favourite goat walk at the Log Barn...  I always say we should go on the way back.... But that won't be happening!

The day before was spent packing and organizing our things. Dave had just finished work at the Tim Horton's Ranch and has basically been living out of his car.  In the past two years he has been driving back and forth between Lethbridge, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Summerland and the Kananaskis.  We had his car all packed up and ready to go to B.C. when Dave goes,"I don't know where my passport is."  And what do we get to do next? Unpack the car in the dark and rummage through everything to find it. Adventures!

Of course, I forgot a very important clothing item, my gortex rain jacket and had to get my mom to mail it out to Vancouver.  Dave's drivers licence also arrived that day, so my mom had to go back to the post office after she had literally just sent my jacket off.  Oh yeah, Dave's drivers licence expires in November so we had to renew it before we left. Which meant my mom had to go get his international driver's licence for him from AMA too.

We arrived to a hot, sunny Summerland. Dave still had a lot to do. He had to go through his things and get everything packed and ready to go. It took quite a few hours over two days get get it sorted out. I had some time to head to the Penticton Saturday market. If you're ever in Penticton on a Saturday over the summer, you need to check it out. They have tons of food, clothing and fresh produce along with some entertainment.  It's such an impressive market for such a small place.  The last time we were there, Dave and I bought coffee from a guy who roasted the beans in his backyard. The coffee was amazing!! This time though, I bought a gallette for breakfast.

We also had time to head out onto the lake in their boat, which was absolutely lovely!  The next day while Dave had some father-son bonding time, Judi and I went out onto the lake for a kayak.  Seriously, such a different lifestyle when there is a large body of water nearby!! And wine...lots and lots of wine! Also the fresh fruit.  And locally grown vegetables.  

Dave's parents drove us to Vancouver from Summerland on Monday. What was supposed to take four hours ended up being more like 7 because of an accident. I guess it was a good idea we didn't get dropped off the day of our flight, because it would have been a very tight squeeze to make it on time!

We got dropped off in Surrey and our adventure immediately began. Our baggage is barely manageable and we hauled it up to the Skytrain platform and got on. Well Dave got on and I was too slow and didn't make it. The look in Dave's face when he turned around and saw me on the platform was hilarious. I don't think I will ever forget it. It was too funny! I shouted at him to get off at the next stop and off he went! We were reunited about two minutes later. Great start to the trip!!

That night we had dinner at an Indian restaurant with some friends. Maryam, a good friend from high school, Susan and Darcen, good friends from work and as luck would have it, Matty, a good friend of Dave's from camp, who was in Vancouver escorting kids back home. They have a serious bromance going on, that's for sure!

We had Tuesday morning to do a few last minute errands. I got my rain jacket and Dave's driver's lisence from UPS (thanks mom!!!!).  Afterwards we met up with Susan and had some Japadogs for lunch! Dave's first Japadog experience! He is a fan. 

Thanks goodness Maryam came with us to the airport. It made things so much more manageable!! 

At the airport, the Westjet lady helping people at the self check-in kiosks asked us, "Are you going camping there or something??"  Yes. Yes we are.

We are definitely going to miss everyone in Canada!! Thank you everyone for your love and support. Big extra special thank yous to our families for helping us organize, mail, and get to places!!! Love you all!!!! 

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